Rangers Sign Another Rougned Odor

Rougned Odor made his major league debut with the Texas Rangers in 2014. The 20-year-old showed a lot of promise for being the second baseman for the Rangers for a long time.

The Rangers figured they liked what they had in Rougned Odor, so they signed another Rougned Odor to a contract. Yes, the name’s correct, but the second Odor is the 17-year-old shortstop brother of the Rangers’ top notch rookie from last year. Perhaps they will play in the infield at the same time in the future.

Apparently, the Odor family has thing with names. The Rougned Odor brothers have an uncle, Rouglas Odor, who played in the minor leagues during 1988-1995. Rouglas has two sons, also named Rouglas.

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Giambi Announces Retirement

Jason Giambi announced his retirement from baseball on February 16, after a 20-year career in the Major Leagues. He was the American League MVP in 2000 with the Oakland A’s and the runner-up in 2001. He was a five-time all-star. For the past two seasons, he has served as the designated hitter for the Cleveland Indians.

Jason’s brother, Jeremy, also played in the big leagues for four teams during 1998 to 2003. They played together for the A’s in 2000 and 2001.

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Torii Hunter Jr. to Play Baseball for Notre Dame

Major Leaguer Torii Hunter’s son is set to be on the diamond for Notre Dame this spring. Torii Hunter Jr. had accepted a scholarship to play football for the Irish, but also has a baseball background from high school. Hunter Jr. is expected to get a shot to play in the outfield. He had been a 36th round draft choice of the Detroit Tigers in 2013.

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Mason Mantle Says Name is an Honor, Not a Burden

Mickey Mantle’s third cousin, Mason Mantle, plays baseball for Oral Roberts University. Being a relative of the former Hall of Famer, Mason has a big family name to live up to. However, he sees the challenge as an honor instead of a burden.

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At Age 56, Julio Franco Still Taking His Cuts

56-year-old former major leaguer Julio Franco is the player-manager of a semi-pro baseball team in Japan. The ageless player is the oldest major leaguer to hit a home run, when at age 48, he hit a 2-run shot off Randy Johnson.
Julio began his professional career at age 19 in 1978 and played his last season in the majors in 2007.

Julio’s son, Joshua, is currently a 20-year-old minor league infielder in the Seattle Mariners organization.

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Jaramillo Brothers Have New Idea for Catchers

Jason Jaramillo and his brother Lee have come up with a new glove to help take the pain out of catching and are now in the process of marketing it to major leaguers. They have designed a glove that is to be worn under a baseball glove, thereby providing additional padding and protection to players’ hands.

The brothers know something about catching, since Jason played three seasons (2009-2011) with the Pittsburgh Pirates as a backup catcher. Lee played catcher and first base in the Milwaukee Brewers minor league organization in 1998 and 1999.

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Ozzie Guillen’s Son Angry With White Sox

Ozzie Guillen, Jr., son of former Chicago White Sox player and manager, fired off a few tweets aimed at the White Sox, angry that the club has not acknowledged Ozzie Sr.’s recent induction into the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame.

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KC Royals Purchase Contract of Alex Gordon’s Brother

Alex Gordon, the All-Star outfielder of the Kansas City Royals, has a younger brother, Derek, who pitched in an unaffiliated independent baseball league in 2014. The Royals have decided to take a flyer on the undrafted pitcher by signing him to a minor league contract this season.

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Matheny Doesn’t Want the Cardinals to Draft his Son

St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny is facing a dilemma this summer. His son, Tate, is an All-American outfielder starting his junior season at Missouri State. Tate has been named as one of the 50 players on USA Baseball’s Golden Spikes Award watch list, and will be eligible for MLB’s amateur draft in June.

However, Mike has indicated he does not want the Cardinals to draft his son, although this year is the optimum time for Tate to enter the draft. Three years ago, Tate was drafted by the Cardinals in the 23rd round, but on advice of his father, chose not to sign.

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Tony Oliva One of Cuban Players Who Impacted Baseball

Tony Oliva had an all-star career in the Major Leagues during the 1960s. Some believe he should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, recently coming one vote short of election by the Veterans Committee. He was one of several players who left Cuba under the Castro regime to play baseball in the US. His book telling of his journey to the United States during a highly political time was recently released. It is titled “Tony Oliva: The Life and Times of a Minnesota Twin.”

Tony’s father, Pedro was a star baseball player in Cuba. His brother, Juan, also played briefly in the minor leagues in the US.

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